This Month's Featured Ride - December 2008

Joel's 1940 Coupe

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Joel purchased a body and a mass of parts back in 1992 after building a few kits for other people, He collected various parts over the next few years and the body began to take shape. After joining the club he purchased a 2nd body shell and sold the first one. Parts went in and out for some time until he was satisfied with the quality of all the parts. The engine & transmission came in a rather unique way. His carpool buddy's wife had an accident with a car. Joel bought it.....a 1978 or 79 Monte Carlo. He used the engine/transmission and some other parts and either sold or traded the rest. The car left his driveway picked clean!! He also received another car on its way to the salvage yard. A friend had an old Mercury Monarch. He took the rear axle and some other misc items.

Joel re-located to Pennsylvania in June , 1998 and the car came shortly after.

After years of driving around in primer he finally decided to attempt painting it himself......his comment was that this was a DRIVER and not a show car. He had gotten a few estimates and they seemed rather in true fashion he did it himself right there in his garage




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