This Month's Featured Ride - March 2009

John Nelson's 35 Chevy

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This month we feature John Nelson's 35 Chevy. John and his wife Ann drive it as much as they can. John was happy to provide us with the following account of his sweet '35:

"My hot rodding days began in 1963 and in 1965 I entered my rod in the New York Coliseum Car show.  While there I saw the car I wanted to build for my next project - a supercharged sedan.  Never built the sedan - got married - sold my car & bought my first house.   3 decades later with the children out of the nest my dream was about to come true.  I found this ‘35 Chevy sedan in a garage where it was sitting for over 12 years.  I spoke to the owner and eventually I was flat bedding it home. 

The sedan had a stock 350 Chevy engine with a four barrel.  After sitting for 12 plus years there were plenty of issues.  After about 5 years on the road one evening I lost my lights and knew the wiring had been band aided long enough.   In 2003 I removed the engine, interior and every piece of wiring.  (Note: the original front end and steering box was still working.)

My nephew, who builds racing engines in Pennsylvania, told me about Big Al’s Toy Box in Milford, CT.  I went and sat down with Al and asked him to build me a blower motor that is going to be used for highway driving. About 2 months later I was driving home with a new engine in my van for the ‘35. 

Engine specs: Dual Quads,  350ci punched 30 over with a 5 lb. boost for good gas mileage.  I was also told to install a Walker heavy duty radiator and I should have no over heating concerns.  Everything Big Al said is true.  I have no problems with the motor at all. 

I had the car delivered to Hicksville Auto Body where the reconstruction began.  They installed a Fat Boy Mustang II front end,  boxed the rails, installed new gauges and new wiring throughout, new front windshield, rebowed the rear springs with added supports, and repaired the rear window operators (now the back windows open).  I worked with the men in the shop installing the new engine and when you look at the engine it’s clean with nothing hanging off it.  I made some brackets and put the alternator underneath the engine.  Hicksville installed the new Walker heavy duty radiator and all the plumbing.  They also rebuilt my transmission, a Muncie 4 speed, reinstalled the interior plus all those little things too numerous to list.  Then, new paint and I drove it home.

The old street rodder is still alive – big rubber in the back - little tires in the front - with a slight rake!"


Editors Note:

John was just honored by being named the Long Island Street Rod Association's "Street Rodder of The Year"!

Congratulations John!





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