This Month's Featured Ride - September 2009

Chris Geiger's 1938 Chevy

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Donna and I joined LISRA in the early 90's when I started looking for my first street rod. I found a nice '34 Ford Outlaw coupe that we enjoyed for a couple of years. While driving the '34, I found myself leaning to the fat fendered cars and specifically a '37 or '38 Chevy coupe. I sold the '34 and began what turned out to be a two year search for an acceptable replacement. In the summer of 1996, there was an NSRA show in Ohio so I jumped in the passenger seat of Ted Gouzoules’ '33 Vicky and headed off to Columbus with $25,000 in my pocket and a mission to buy a car!! Once there I scoured the entire field and narrowed down the search to a red '37 and a beige '38. Being partial to the '38 grille and the fact that it had A/C I approached the owner. I drove the car checked it out and made him an offer, which he accepted. When asked when would I pick the car up, I told him right now!!   Needless to say, the car drove back to Long Island flawlessly and I was happy.....for about a month...

The Magungie, PA, Wheels of Time show was my first road trip with the new car!!  After a nice day at the show we were heading back to the hotel and we were stopped at a light. The lady in front of me realized she went past her street and proceeded to throw her T-Bird tank into reverse and back into the front of the '38!!!  When I got out I expected to see a dented bumper, unfortunately a 1938 street rod bumper does not come close to the height of a Thunderbird. The result.....bumper was untouched but the grille was destroyed, the surround severely damaged and the front fender pushed in about a foot. The comment from the women when she got out was, “how did that happen?” After a little reality check, she understood that this was all her fault and luckily repeated that to the cop making the report.

To use the cliche, every cloud has a silver lining, my silver lining was I had the entire body stripped, repaired and repainted the color it is today. 

Now some specifics about our car: The car is an original '38 Chevy, Master Deluxe, five window coupe.  The body and paint was redone in 1998, after the accident, by East Coast Auto Crafting in Lindenhurst. The body is basically an original with no modifications, although it looks chopped compared to a similar year Ford. The engine is a 327, 300 horse motor hooked to a turbo 350. This makes for a nice combination when Donna and I are cruising down the road with the stereo on and the a/c blasting. The front suspension consists of a Nova front clip with Fatman control arms that bring the tires in to prevent fender rub, and it also lowers the front end. The rear is a 10 bolt Nova with a cruiser gear ratio of 2:70; not exactly a performance rear. With the lowered suspension and front and rear sway bars, the car has quite nice road manners. The interior was done when I purchased the car and it is a tweed sculpture design in burnt orange. This color made it a little difficult to pick a new exterior color but I came across a very nice pale yellow pearlcoat that complimented the interior nicely. The wheels were replaced a few years ago with a set of Billet Specialty wheels.





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