This Month's Featured Ride - November 2009

Nick Pompei's 1973 Duster

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My car is a 1973 Plymouth Duster in Grabber Orange. It has a 360 motor, automatic transmission, cam, aluminum heads, and a 6 pac. I purchased the car, pretty much as is, approximately 5 months ago. It came from a little town 50 miles South of Los Angeles and was purchased from a man who bought the car as a father and son project. I bought the car, sight unseen, and had it shipped. It is pretty much what I expected. It needs a little work; some wet sanding, some door rubber, a little cooling modification, and some assorted mechanical work. Overall it is functional and seems to be a good ride.

The car started its life as a 6 cylinder vehicle and spent its entire life in the hot dry climate of Southern California. It was originally a brown car with tan interior. I received construction pictures with the car and other than some surface rust, the car was straight and solid. The project took the duo approximately two years to complete. The son entered the Service, soon after completion, and so the father and son decided to sell the car; that is where I came in.

The future of the car seems to be prioritizing the problems, and then taking care of them one problem at a time. I hope to take care of everything over the winter and driving the heck out it next summer. Once all of the basics have been taken care of, I might change the color of the interior. Even though the seat covers are new and in good condition, the orange/tan color seems to hurt my wife's eyes, and at the same time seems to hurt my ears. So I do think the interior is destined for a change.

That's my car's story, not so sad, but true.





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