This Month's Featured Ride - July 2010

Rick & Arlene's '47 Ford Coupe

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Rick and Arlene have owned their 1947 Ford Coupe for 16 years. They are the second owners of the car which was built in 1981.

The body has been decked, hood louvered, headlights frenched, gas fill door removed from the side, truck handles removed, and Plymouth style bumbers were added. The car maintains most of the stock bright trim, with added dummy spots, to give it the fifties nostalgia look.

The interior was redone with Chrysler high back bucket seats and, (are you ready...) "Corinthian Leather"! Plastic dash bezels have been changed to metal chrome plated.

The car is painted 1981 Cadillac Victorian Plum and is custom pin stripped, with that 50's flair.

The power plant is a 1963 327ci with "fueley" heads, a mild cam, an Offenhauser manifold, and Tri-Power carbs. It has a curved dual point distributor, (yes dual point), the carbs have been re-fitted with Hot Rod Carbeuration's build-up kits, and progessive bearing linkage.

The transmission is a T-10 four speed with a Hurst shifter, and the Chevy posi rear houses 373 gears.

It rides on Appliance wheels up front and Deeper Cragars on the rear. Gas shocks which have been added to the stock '47 front end, and air shocks in the rear help keep the ride smooth.

Rick has been rebuilding systems over the 16 years he has owned the car. He rebuilt the Tri-Power, redid the entire fuel system including the addition of a larger fuel cell with access throught the trunk. He added an aluminized exhaust system with turbo mufflers. Addtionally, electric wipers, heat and defrosters, a new stereo, CB, XM Radio, console, interior lights, eletronic trunk lock, (which is better than the original owners chain and pad lock!), and LED tail light are among the additions to the '47. Too many other small mods to list have also been made.

The car is a good driving car, and is good on fuel; it runs on a single two barrell until 60 mph.

They bought the car with 8k miles on the odometer, and now it show 24k and change! According to Rick and Arlene, "we plan on keeping it for a while longer, she's been good to us!"

Looks like Rick is good to her too!!








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