Long Island Street Rod Association: A Brief History
History and text by Emil Milano and Al LeGrow

Putting together a forty-three year history of the Long Island Street Rod Association can be an overwhelming task. Listing all the members and events that "welded" the club together would take an eternity. The following is a brief history on how the club originated and how it matured into an association respected throughout the street rodding hobby.

     Back in 1965, a group of car owners met at a show in Manhattan. This first outing was the beginning of many events and local cruise nights. Malt shops and such were popular gathering spots at the time, and this group of rodders would get together on a regular basis. They decided that they should register as an official organization and hold monthly meetings at the homes and shops of the members. Even a school automotive shop was used to hold their meetings.

The "Long Island Street Rod Association" name was adopted in the very beginning, although it was not officially chartered until 1972. When the club began the task of registering the name in the 60's, governmental officials told them that another organization had the name, "Long Island Hot Rod Association" and until proof could be provided that the other club had become defunct, they could not register as the "Long Island Street Rod Association." It had taken all that time to locate the last president of the Long Island Hot Rod Association so they could explain the problem about the similarity of the names. Would he kindly sign the necessary papers stating that the club was officially extinct? This might seem like alot of work just for a name, but the name was important then just as it is today. Looking back. we all feel those efforts were well worth the time and effort.



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